Professional computer services including webdesign, ecommerce, network, computer maintanence and DVR.
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From July 1st 2004 to January 1st 2005
You can get an e-commerce store already designed by Lahitech team for $600.
What you have to do is only to insert your products and you are ready to go.
The e-store includes the following components:
     - Website
     - Shopping cart
     - Checkout and Billing and Shipping page
     - For Merchant is using PayPa l(you supposed to have a paypal account to receive payments from the estore)
     -Email component to inform you and the client about the transaction.

To get the e-store contact us:
From May 1st 2004 to January 1st 2005
You have 25% on any work order to be done by one of our technician on your site or our site, fixing a computer or setting up a network.
To get the 25% discount contact us:
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