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Database Developer and Administrator

Job Description:
  LAHITECH is looking for talented, growth-oriented and dynamic individuals with strong   analytical skills.

  LAHITECH is expanding and looking for qualified Database Developer and Administrator.   The primary task of this job is to develope implementation of reliable server side sessions   for a multi-user,Web based, database application and to administer existing databases.Be   an integral member of the team working on high-volume web-enabled commerce systems.   This is an excellent opportunity for the candidate that is interested in the latest   technologies, including advanced database techniques combined with leading edge web   technologies. The position will contribute significantly to company's business on the   Internet.

  -At least a BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience.
  -SQL Server 2000
  -My SQL
  -Oracle is a plus
  -Strong problem solving and communication skills
  -Experience in multi-OS environments( UNIX or Windows 95/98/NT/2000 environments).
  -Please include a portfolio sample with resume

  Be part of a well-established, growing high-tech computer company.
  Salary based on experience
  Opportunity for growth and advancement

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  Via Email :

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