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 -> Video surveillance is one of the most valuable loss-prevention tools available to       businesses today. Remember to use your surveillance to monitor not only sales and       client areas, but also inventory and employee areas.
 -> Use your video surveillance equipment to monitor cash register areas so that you       can observe employees when they handle cash.
 -> Remember that strategically placed video surveillance can protect your business       against false injury claims.
 -> Use video surveillance in sensitive areas of your business to identify visitors and       monitor employees.
 -> Video surveillance is an excellent way to protect employees by monitoring       hazardous work areas.
 -> Remember to use video surveillance in parking areas, especially in low-traffic parking       garages.
 -> Remember that video surveillance can reduce emergency response time significantly.
 -> Video surveillance will provide you with the opportunity to determine the       effectiveness of your employee training programs. This includes the option of       rewarding exceptional behavior as well as quickly dealing with safety or loss       issues.
 -> If you are using video surveillance in your home, be sure to consider where it will be       of the most value. Pool areas, for example, are an excellent place for a video camera.
 -> Make sure employees know that you are using the equipment and will be able to       see what is going on whether you are in the building or not. (If you have a new       nanny, you may choose not to tell him/her about the surveillance, especially in the       first days of his/her employment.)
 -> If your business is in a high-risk area, or if your employees take in a substantial       amount of money every day, you should supplement your video surveillance       equipment with police/firemonitored panic buttons. Remember to train your       employees appropriately in their use.
 -> Video surveillance can be a valuable tool for your company, especially with remote       access.
 -> Used correctly and consistently, it can make your workplace safer while minimizing       loss.


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