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Digital Video Recording Management Systems

Our basic business philosophy is to provide state-of-the art digital video surveillance systems and products of excellent quality at highly competitive prices. From low cost 1 , 2 or 4 CCTV camera DVR systems right up to high speed state of the art 16 CCTV camera, dedicated computer systems, our products out-perform others. Our lines of CCTV cameras and DVR's offer exceptional specifications, performance and quality at substantial savings. Our DVR systems are configured and built with GEO Vision Capture Cards and software that have been proven to provide optimum performance at truly remarkable prices.
We believe in selecting the best products for the job and we have simplified our product lines to this end. Why have multiple products that do basically the same job at a wide range of prices? It only confuses people. We have chosen to stick with what works.

It is only in the last few years that computers (PCs) have become fast and powerful enough with large enough storage devices to effectively input, display and record CCTV camera images via Video Capture Boards. The benefits to the user are enormous, however, from image quality, control, accessibility and cost points of view. We have the in-depth computer knowledge and background to select the best Video Capture hardware and software and we are dedicated to bringing you the best performing and most cost effective of these products. Couple our superior display and recording products with our superb lines of cameras and lenses (after all, the images you see and record are only as good as the camera that produced them) and you get the most effective combination - at the best price possible.

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